Eco-friendly disposable products convenient for care

In healthcare and elderly care, demands on hygiene and efficient handling are at their highest. Many care institutions use cotton textiles that have to be washed and disinfected before each new use. Cellcomb i Karlstad’s range of disposable products offers a more efficient, more eco-friendly option without compromising on function or convenience.

Cellcomb’s laminate products are adapted for healthcare, elderly care and other establishments where hygiene and convenience are high priorities. They are soft and absorbent yet still strong, perform well in linting tests and are produced in accordance with the Medical Device Directive MDD93/42EEC, and can therefor be used in various environments such as surgery rooms, infection clinics and at daycare centers.

The range includes:

  • Mattress covers and hygienic underlays
  • Surgical laminates
  • Bedding
  • Towels

Cellcomb i Karlstad offer a wide range of product material, from recyclable to entirely bio-degradable options. There are many advantages of using compostable laminates for short time use. One is that you get an environmentally friendly product with sustained or even better functionality than traditional material, another is that they actually are very light weighted and neatly packed, which facilitates the handling and helping in avoiding the costs of keeping textiles in circulation.


Protection sheets and hygienic underlays

The healthcare and elderly care sectors place high demands on hygiene, safety and comfort. This is ultimately about quality of life for patients and their families, and about a good work environment for staff. Cellcomb’s disposable laminated mattress covers and hygienic underlays in Biolam® and Hygilam® are available with a variety of combined properties, such as strength, absorbtion and comfort, and provide an effective barrier against bacteria, microorganisms and fluid leakage.